Future of Spider-Man | New Sony & Marvel Deal Fully Explained

In this article, we are going to tell you what the future of Spider-Man is going to be and we are also going to explain about the new deal of Sony and Marvel. So if you want to know something about it, then you read this article completely, you will get a lot of information from here.


Future of Spiderman in Marvel

Venom 2’s post-credit scene Right everyone has a very big question in their mind that let’s take Venom and spider-man crossover but in which universe it is. In Sony’s universe, in MCU’s universe, or in which universe, or it could be that it could be a collaboration of both universes. So in simple language, here we are going to talk about what is the future of the universe of Spider-Man and Venom.

Now if we talk, then on whom is the crossover of all these happenings in the universe, this question is important because the entire future of all these characters is going to depend on its answer. This crossover can be possible in 3 ways, firstly this crossover can happen within Marvel Cinematic Universe, second, it can happen in Sony’s universe and thirdly it can happen inside both Sony and MCU simultaneously. Now which of these three is correct, for that we have to understand the rights of Spiderman. And have to see a little bit of the history of all these.

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History of Marvel

It is well known that one day when Marvel Studios was on the verge of being bankrupt, they somehow saved themselves by selling the rights of their character’s movies and series. While doing the same, Marvel Studio’s Spider-Man went to Sony Universe, although it is a very long story, for now just understand this.

Sony Universe started making a lot of movie regulars on spider-man and when Amazing Spider-Man 2 was made in 2014 and it could not perform so well, Marvel approached Sony with a deal.

Sony will have the rights to spider-man according to this deal, but they will have to pay the Marvel Universe money to make all these movies, and whatever creative work will do by Marvel Universe, but 5% of the profit will also take Marvel Universe. And also the MCU can use Spider-Man in all other movies as well, so this deal was a very good deal, Sony just had to invest money and count the profit.

According to this deal, all the creative work was done by Marvel Studios, out of which five movie contracts were signed, out of which two were stand-alone movies and three were cross-over movies. One of the three crossover movies was Civil War, the second is Infinity War and the third is Endgame. And both Homecoming and Far From Home movies were stand-alone movies that were completely based on Tom Holland (Peter Parker).

After the Far From Home movie, this deal was ended, Tom Holland was signed here for the total 7 movies Marvel Studios. So at that point, Marvel Studios had already completed five movies with Tom Holland. Well at the end of this deal, you know how much uproar there was and a lot of people were saying that we want Spider-Man inside the MCU.

After this controversy, there was another new deal of Sony and Marvel Universe, Marvel can use Spiderman for 2 more movies, but this time they were going to get 25% profit instead of 5% profit. And let me tell you one more thing here that earlier Sony used to bear the cost of the entire movie, now Marvel Studios will also have to pay 25%.

And this deal does not end here, Sony has put a condition that if it wants to do a crossover of any villain inside its villain universe with spider-man then they can do it. So for now this is the deal going on between Marvel Studios and Sony and where 75% of the money is to be invested by Sony and Marvel Studios has to do all the creative work. So according to this new deal, Marvel Studios has the right to use Spider-Man in two more movies, one you know is that “No Way Home” is coming. And about the second movie still not known.

Spiderman in Venom 2

As we know that inside Sony’s Villain Universe, they wanted spider-man to cross over, so we got to see its result inside Venom 2. So far we were talking about Sony and Marvel Studio’s new deal, but one question still remains in mind that if both Venom and Spiderman will be shown together, but which universe is it going to be?

If you want to understand this, then you have to understand the movies of the Marvel Universe. You know that after the arrival of the Loki series, we got to see the multiverse there and after that, there is a lot of possibilities that there will be multiple dimensions.

So according to this, there is a Multiverse inside the Marvel Universe, which means that it has multiple dimensions, so these people can show that the entire Universe of Sony also exists somewhere in this Multiverse. The events that have happened in Loki, the timelines of all these different universes have started colliding with each other, the time branches have started growing and the person of one universe has started reaching the other universe. He Who Remains had given a complete explanation of this.

How can there be multiple variants of the same character and others exist at the same time in other universes and we saw variants of a lot of Loki inside Loki’s series. So it’s because of what happened last in Loki Series that we got to see spider-man in Venom 2 and we’re going to see Doctor Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, and Sandman in No Way Home. Meaning that where all these timeline colliding is happening, there we will get to see the cross over.

We can’t say anything right now because maybe all this thing is also happening because of Doctor Strange which we will get to see inside Spider-Man’s new movie.

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