Marvel Loki Disney+ Series Episode 1 Ending Explain

We have loki who has found himself was taken out of the main sacred timeline and into the possession of the TVA where we get a lot of comedy and are introduced to a lot of different awesome characters but there are some key moments into this especially in the end that you need to know about to grasp what is actually going on here. so, lets begin.

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Marvel Loki Disney+ Series Episode 1 Ending

Marvel Loki getting taken into the possession of the TVA now Loki has never heard of the TVA before and as Owen Wilson’s character Mobius. m Mobius explains, later on, he never knew about them because he never needed to know one thing that you need to know about the TVA is, it exists outside of time. I am sure most people got the gist of this but it’s kind of vaguely alluded to when Loki and Mobius are in the elevator and Loki asks Mobius how long he has been there for and Mobius says well that depends time works differently at the TVA.

so you have to realize that these people control time and to control the time they exist outside of it. we were introduced to the sacred timeline but the TVA is not a part of the sacred timeline. they exist outside of every timeline there could be and will be and here is something that you really need to know, because it is really important for the future of not only Loki but the MCU the first episode does a great little animated presentation of what the TVA is and how the sacred timeline started to notice that they start off by mentioning the multiverse.

they said there was a huge multiversal war in which there are countless unique timelines. this is very important to know and understand because it could explain a lot of important like possibly how the mutants could have come into existence the mutants might not have been in our main timeline they could have existed in a different timeline where things went very differently however there were the timekeepers who took all of the timelines and basically combined them all into one sacred timeline.

which is the main MCU timeline thus they could have combined the mutants into out timeline all exist together another very important thing to note about this story is that it is basically the secret war storyline there are two different secret wars comic book storylines and they are definitely some of the best storylines as far as the comic stories go and it looks like the MCU starting right here with Loki is setting up the story which is a bunch of different timelines alternate realities whatever you want to call them start to kind of collide into each other some of the timelines and realities are getting destroyed and falling apart and they start to fuse together with other timelines and other realities eventually they all kind of collide into one and the result is something truly awesome.

Where is Loki After Endgame Fully Explained

So today we are going to talk about such things about Loki, which you will find very strange to hear, so what are the things that you need to know about Loki, let’s see

You all know that he calls himself the god of mischief. He has done many such things so far that we do not understand whether he is good or bad, so today we will explain some such things so that you will know what loki is in reality. You all know that he considers himself a deity and if he sees his own interest in something, then he does that thing. You all know that he made a lot of noise in the 2012 Avenger movie. And he has harassed Thor and the Avengers too many times.

But his scene only turns when Thanos kills him in Avengers infinity war. And Loki is everyone’s favorite villain, whose no one knows what he will do in the future. Seeing him die inside Infinity War from above and see him disappear with the Tasseract in Endgame is all shocked again. So today we will know whether Loki is still alive or not and where did he go with the tesseract cube.

He can change his appearance and color many times. He has pretended to die so many times that even death is now afraid of him. He was killed by Thanos at the start of Avengers Infinity War. But the fans still thought he was still pretending. When his TV show launched, everyone thought that he was not dead yet, but the director of the movie has confirmed that he is dead inside Infinity War. The directors have also said that now he cannot be alive again. And you must be thinking that how can we get to see loki in this new tv series, so let me tell you that this loki will not be the loki who is dead inside infinity war. Inside this TV series we will see Loki with end game.

When Ant Man and Iron Man go to get the Tasseract Cube in 2012, there is a mess and Loki runs away with the Tasseract Cube. Although there are many scandals, but this time he has done such a scandal which was a very strange scandal. First of all, let me tell you that in the end game ancient one had said that if someone moves the Infinity Stone from its place by going forward or backward in time,So going forward it can get very messy.

And the Avengers went back and tried to get the Infinity Stone, then Loki ran away with the Tasseract, Captain America had put all the Infinity Stones in its place, but the Infinity Stones that Loki ran away with could not keep it in its place. For this reason an alternate timeline has been created in which Loki has a tesseract cube. Many people think that at that time loki must have gone to Thanos with the tesseract as he used to work for him earlier. But when Thanos sent Loki to take the Tasseract, he controlled him with the mind stone, when he came under the possession of the Avengers, he came to his senses.

So the series of loki has arrived and its first episode has been released, so if you want to know further story then you can watch it inside hotstar or disney plus.


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