Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 Official Trailer Disney+ Full Breakdown

After seeing the trailer, some things are very clear, due to the events that the Avengers did to save the world in the Avenger Endgame, Loki went away with Tesseract and it should not have happened. And so the agents of Time-Variant Authority of Time Keeper i.e. TVA brought Loki as a result of this action of Loki brought many branches in the timeline ahead.

Now Loki will set out to fix the timeline with the high rating officer of the timeline. Loki is not akin of anyone else, Nor is it akin to Thor and Odin.


Loki is On Trial

Loki Disappear with tesseract, so due to this breaking of the timeline and stolen of tesseract Loki is placed on trial. In Comic Book, Mobius was a junior Member of TVA(Time Variant Authority), After Fantastic four he came upward due to Ranking. peoples who know Loki Very well They said that they believe in Loki, he is very clever. No one Can’t trust on him Easily.

Loki Wields Two Daggers

The Starting of Loki Trailer starts with God of Mischief. Which Loki shows in A Mysterious tunnels with Two Daggers. These Daggers are Loki’s all-time favorite. Who shows love to their opponent and come close with them and kill them through these daggers. Unfortunately, this trick failed to pay off in the main timeline. When Thanos knew the Loki trick.

Starting Shots is For Remembering the peoples that Who is Loki? and How he Works, and Don’t Trust on Loki in Reality. Through Architecting it can be Know that this Is Tunel of TVA and this is the Base of ”Time Keepers”.as Loki Dubbed them. in this Matter shot can guess that Loki Making plans to Betray them.

The TVA’s City

Loki Trailer Present a great shot Through TVA ,A Vast City with a spectacular range of architectural styles. this is Possible that, In MCU, TVA city is based in Cronopolis. In Comics, Cronopolis is sit out side the Limbo Area.

Cronopolis every Block is shown in a Unique time Period. and Until you don’t find the Different Hidden Blocks Portal,then it is possible to get Lost in Cronopolis for forever.

Loki & A Volcanic Eruption

Wherever he go, Loki destroy everything wherever he go. He seemed very happy when he Celebrating after a blast of Volcano, due to this near by Mysterious Village and town are in Danger. This is a Story of Time Travel, and this possible to say That who are They People, in Reality, this Significant to Roman. and Giving the Suggestion that this May be End of Pompeii and Herculenium.

In a way of Shockingness, The Blast Of Volcano In The Background is Mount Helens in real. who was Blast in 1980 in Great View. The flank is collapsing, generating a lateral blast that will certainly destroy this village in the resulting pyroclastic flows.

Origin & All Powers of Loki

There are very few villains who have been able to give a good fight to our hero’s inside which comes hela. hela was seen inside Thor Ragnarok and shook the entire asgard. And you do know Thanos who gave a big fight to the Avengers inside phase 3.

And inside all these enemies comes another enemy, whose name is Loki, he has put the Avengers in a lot of troubles, even before and in the future, he will continue to trouble the Avengers like this.

And if we talk about this character, then this is the only character who has also played the role of main villain. Loki has done a lot of good things and has done even worse things, no one can know about this character completely because this character can change his character at any time.

And if you talk about the character then it can take the form of anyone as if you have seen him doing all this inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So inside this article, I will tell you what is the loki’s origin and what is the powers inside him.

If we talk about loki, then loki is the god of Norse mythology. Loki debuted in the world of comics in 1949 Inside the Vinus comic, Vinus was a romantic comic. This comic book turned into horror science fiction after loki’s arrival. Then a few years later, Loki was interviewed within Journey Into Mystery Comics. After that the story of Loki and Thor began. Apart from this, a lot of Separate comic book of loki has also arrived.

There are many different origins of loki in Norse mythology and it is very confusing. But if we go to the comics, then the origin bean of loki is similar to what we saw inside the movie of Thor 2011.

Thousands of years ago when odin was fighting a battle with the ice monsters, after winning the battle odin went to the temple of Jotunheim, and there he found a child, it was the son of lofi, despite being the child of a demon, this child was very weak. Due to the weakness of the child, lofi left it to die alone. After this odin used his magic to hide the real face of this child.

And this truth remained hidden from Loki. Once the frost giant touched him, for some time his hand changed a bit and started looking like a frost giant. And then loki finds out that she is also a frost giant. Whenever Loki touched the Cascade of Frost giant, he used to come in his true form and we have seen him many times in his true form like the devil.

Powers of Loki

You must know that both Thor and Loki grew up together and Loki was weaker than others in whatever fighting skills they were taught in their kingdom, but he loved to use magic skills since childhood. And all this he learned from his mother means that from Thor’s real mother.

Loki is not as good a magician as Doctor Strange but he is a better magician than the Avengers. Loki had kept Odin on earth with his magic and he too could not understand his magic. So you can understand how powerful Loki is in his magical skills.

He can do all the following things with his magic skills

  • Holographic illusion
  • Shapeshifting

I hope you liked Marvel Studios’ Loki Official Trailer Disney+ Full Breakdown & Origin and Powers of loki.


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