Venom 2 Trailer Breakdown & What are Symbiotes (Venom)

Friends, We are lives in a good time. we Hope you saw the trailer of Venom: Let there be Carnage, this is the Part of the first Movie venom Which was hit in 2018, Tom Hardey plays the Role of Venom. He working very hard to play this Movie. This sequel brings in Woody Harrelson as Broadway star Carnage. this is about 30 years done of him Comicbook.

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Its Really Hard.10 years before, From Coming in Movies Carnage Appeared in Broadway Music.

Back In San Francisco

The Venom: Let there be Carnage trailer Started with alluring scene if Francisco, 2018 Venom scene started from the California city. and now the Next part started from same place. which is situated in New York City.

The First Rule Of Venom Club

Most of the Room mate follow the Rules like who have to wash clothes, who have to arrange the food. but Eddie Brock has less Hope in his Mind. after the ending of the first part venom and brock coexisting in relative peace. this shows the Trust of Both of them.

Breakfast With Venom

Some Starting of Venom: Let there be Carnage trailer is start with a comedy Skit. In Which Eddie Brock and his symbiote friend makes Breakfast. Eddie Allow to venom to walk around. and Simbiote littele care of it. because he splats together some waffles, eggs ket-shop, and worst of all, mushrooms.

A Stan Lee Easter Egg

When Eddie Brock Enters Mrs. Chen Store, at the counter side magazines are upon the stand. the comic book legend on the front cover. It’s sad that Stan Lee is No longer with us.

Return To Prison

This Particular place only the people remembered who have seen 2018 venom movie. The Prison Hold the Cletus Kasady. it seems that over the past year and a half, Eddie Brock has developed somewhat of a bond with Kasady.


Like any Serial killer its worth is salt. Cletus Kasady draw the painting of kids on the wall. most of them are bearing upon Marvel lore, and merely hint at possible events in the character’s past. on the cell wall of Cletus Kasady there is “The Phoenix Will Rise” written.

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What are Symbiotes (Venom)

Venom is an alien symbiotes that are spread all around in space, so you must be wondering how Venom parasites are spread in space, I will explain to you. Symbiotes were earlier known as Klyntar and like us they also had a planet and you know that every time that happens to them, the same thing happened this time too. And their planets were also destroyed by Galactus, since then these symbiotes have spread here and there in the whole galaxy.

Nature of Symbiotes

So now you must be thinking that how are these symbiotes in nature, so let me tell you that these symbiotes are absolutely peaceful in nature. And the only way to survive them is by connecting with a living organism. Next Question Comes How Peaceful Symbiotes Have Been So Unpeaceful. So the biggest reason for this is Spider-Man.

How Peaceful Symbiotes have been so Unpeaceful

When Spider-Man went to the Galaxy in search of alien technology.

and he found the venom symbiote. Both of them joined with each other’s wishes. Together they did their mission there. But after coming to earth, Venom started dominating spider-man. The reason for this was that venom symbiotes can survive only when their host works in such a way that adrenalin is released in their body.

Venom used to get Spider-Man to do very dangerous things. And spider-man didn’t even know about it. And when spider-man came to know about it, he immediately got rid of Venom and since then Venom has become so fierce in nature. And to take revenge on spider-man, he joined Eddie Brock. And we saw the same similar story in spider-man 3.

Which Symbiotes born from Venom

This is where the story does not end, another symbiote was born from Venom, whose name was Carnage. And it was more powerful than the Venom. Going ahead, the Venom symbiote was captured by the live foundation and after experimenting on it, Super Soldier and born and five symbiotes. And they were scream, riot, phage, agony and lasher. And he turned out to be more powerful than Carnage.

With this you must have understood that there are many types of Venoms, not all are dreadful. That is why in Venom’s movie Venom says that we are Venom.


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