Fast And Furious  Easter Eggs 

there was any better way to kick the summer movie season back in gear than a new fast and furious movie

the fast universe forever f9 really was the Dominic Toretto, movie the entire plot of the film was centered around the demons from dom’s past

coming back to haunt him as one could guess his demons revolved around his mythologized father, who he has been talking about for well over a decade he told us about his father’s Wreck and his subsequent beating of the man.

he blamed for it all the way back in the fast and the furious they made sure the sequence went down exactly how dom described.

it down to the screaming he thought was coming from his father but was really coming from this time we got the real story involving Jacob Toretto

and their Father throwing the race on purpose perhaps the biggest reveal though the reveal of dom’s father’s name is jack Toretto.